Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CVs for life

wednesday night, i met up with a few of our closest college gal pals over dinner at mexico lindo. the timing seemed to be perfect since jessi was in town and slammy was working nearby as well. we enjoyed dinner and drinks around 7:30pm where we chatted the night away. it was weird being in the building that is now mexico lindo as we sat there and reminisced about the many pi kapp parties that took place there when it was once named "P.T.'s"...ahhh, good times.

anywho, we caught up on each and every one of us and even discovered some very exciting news. not sure i can share it here until it becomes "facebook official." patience, wee little grasshopper. hehe. nonetheless, we are all really happy and excited for what the future entails for our friends. it was so good to see my fellow CVs. until next you girls! xoxo


scottjl said...

Like your post! Can't wait for the wee lil grasshopper:)