Saturday, February 25, 2012

happy 4th birthday, chapel!!

so while jay and abby were at rocco's birthday party, lylie and i headed to premiere gymnastics in honor of one of her classmates and friend's 4th birthday, chapel's. i loved watching her run and play all over the place. i'm fairly certain that she jumped down the long trampoline about 7 times in between walking the balance beam, swinging on the rings, and attempting the hula hoops. later, the big parachute was pulled out and fluffed into the air followed by the group picture. the kiddos were so cute. here are some chapel's birthday party was an "olivia" theme and to say that her momma knows how to make every fine detail perfect is an understatement. everything was so ridiculously cute and it definitely inspired me for planning future birthday parties of my own. for example, jen showed me how the table cloth is simply wrapping paper. she said that all standard tables are the exact width of wrapping paper so it doesn't fall down and get in the way of the kid's laps, tear as easily, and most importantly, looks amazing. i know, right? awesome. learn something new every day.

anywho, all the munchkins sat down to sing happy birthday to the special 4 y/o as chapel blew out the candles on her cake. towards the end, presents were opened and the kids got to make their own goody bag filled with color coordinating gumballs, twizzlers, chocolate, lollipops, a tub of red glittered play-doh, etc. overall, it was a great party. happy 4th birthday, chapel!