Thursday, February 23, 2012

happy birthday, lola and jay!!

due to everyone's busy and conflicting schedules, we were finally able to figure out a night in which we could celebrate my mom (1/20) and jay's (1/30) birthdays together like we do every year...just about a month later. no big deal. rather celebrate late than never, i say. so we met at our local o'charley's and they sit us in the very back. it's like they took one look at us and knew we are an incredinly loud family. hehe. but that's beside the point. anywho, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and being together as a family. everything from the food to the company was absolutely wonderful. here are some pics...after dinner, lola surprised the girls with a beautiful dress and then tita karmie surprised all the kiddos with a bunch of loot she collected from her mardi gras filled weekend. they were all so incredibly excited. it was so funny to watch them sort through her giant bag filled with beads, toys, moon pies, and beanie babies. i kid you not when i say that lylie slept with her beanie baby that night. so sweet. all in all, it was a great evening with family. happy birthday, lola and jay!! we love you guys. xoxo