Saturday, February 18, 2012

good times

saturday morning, jay took abby and lyla over to i-jump where they met up with uncle tony and claire bear for an impromptu daddy/daughter playdate while the moms stayed home with the babies. truth be told, i love when they do this kinda thing because it's a good balance and bonding time with daddy. in fact, golf season is going to be great. they had a great time and were thrilled when they got back home and announced that they figured out the maze all by themselves and that the huge kangaroo went down the slide too. love it. here are some pics that jay took on his phone...later that night, the mitchelles came over for a laid back dinner at our house. we grilled out and made some yummy sangria that complimented the dinner. we also picked up a king cake where the kids poked at it for a good 5-10 minutes before abby excitedly screams out, "i found jesus!!" i couldn't help but to laugh and think that at that exact moment, christians & mardi gras goers rejoiced everywhere. lastly, you know your besties are so incredibly comfortable within your own home when the pants come unbuttoned due to stuffed bellies. next time, i should probably offer up my old maternity pants. hysterical. here are some pics...