Saturday, February 4, 2012

OLS disco gala and auction

saturday night, jay and i got dressed up in our best disco attire and headed on over to the girls' school for the annual OLS gala and auction. this year's theme was 70s disco and to say we were excited is an understatement. i mean i ordered white go-go boots weeks ago for this event. any excuse to dress up is always fun for me.

dinner and drinks were served and awesome music was played throughout the entire night. the festivities started at 6:00pm and lasted until 11:30pm. the silent auction took place during the first couple of hours and then it was closed minutes after the live auction. we got lucky, bid, and won on a few items...for example, abby's birthday will be displayed on the school's marquis and she will get to be the teacher for a day in her class. she was so excited when we told her the news. we also won a week long beach trip for an absolute steal. the night was SO.MUCH.FUN.

in all honesty, it was like a catholic wedding equipped with an open bar and lots of fun fun dancing. i've never laughed so hard while watching everyone dance to the train and the YMCA. furthermore, we definitely got to know a lot of the other moms, dads, and teachers better, and it was good seeing everyone have a great time for a good cause. here are some pics...after the gala ended, we decided to head on over to the lakeview area and continue the fun. our babysitters told us to "please don't rush home" and we knew our girls were in good hands (thank you, auntie red and uncle germy!!) off we went to nana funk's. admittedly, i haven't been out to birmingham's bar scene in years. this place was awesome. we all danced in the back and later found a long enough table to fit all of us. we greeted the elvis statue with open arms and then later placed micheal's 70s fro on him. here are some pics...lastly, i gotta admit i absolutely adore these next "in the moment" series of pics that stacy took of me and jay. i'm so use to always being the one who takes the candid ones so it's kinda funny to be surprised by a few random ones taken by her when i checked my camera the next day. thanks, stacy! lol. any who, she grabbed my camera and took a normal one of us and then kept zapping while jay playfully bit my nose. i love that man. it was seriously one of the best nights out together in a very long time...just dancing and being silly with good friends...past 3:00am. yeah, the next day inevitably sucked. hehe. but oh, how it was totally worth it.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Yay on winning a beach trip!!That looked like a lot of fun!