Tuesday, February 7, 2012

an outing with tita karmie

so tita karmie came by and snagged up lylie since it was her turn for "one-on-one" special time. karmie has started this tradition for a long time now where she will take out each kid (abby, lyla, and carson...and later, jemma and grant will have their turns once they get a bit older) for the day and let them pick out what they want to do. it is seriously something our girls look forward to at least every other week. she has so rightfully so been named "best tita ever" from all of our kids. i'll be honest, i want a tita karmie and so do all of our friends.

so tita karmie and lylie headed out for their great adventure. i helped load lylie into her car where two booster seats now reside. just for them. awesome. they take off and head to the galleria where they ride the carousel, shop around, and play at the lego store where karmie happily reported that they have new girl legos. score. after wards, they ate mexican and then tita karmie let lylie pick out a bunch of surprises at the dollar tree. she said that lylie had the best time and it was evident when they got home and lylie showed me her new stickers, stamps, pink wig, princess tiara, colorful strings, paper, etc.

overall, as a mother it makes me so happy to see my children have such a close bond with their titas, cousins, etc. it makes me happy to see them so happy and further that special bond. thank you, tita karmie. we love you!