Saturday, February 11, 2012

post-tough mudder

after the guys finished their tough mudder experience, we drove back to our hotel and listened to them exchange their own personal war stories. it was hysterical to hear them complain about how cold it was and the fact that they couldn't wait to take a hot shower. completely understandable and much needed.

later that night after said showers and resting for about an hour or so, we all met down in the lobby and awaited the free shuttle bus to take us to maggiano's for our dinner reservations at 7:15pm. our driver was awesome and made sure that our two minute quick trip over was a fun one. he played the music loud and flickered on and off his lights for us while we all crammed inside. we were off to a great start. here are some pics...once we arrived at maggiano's, we enjoyed a few drinks while waiting for our table. they ended up seating us at one long table instead of splitting us up into two which is what they had planned on doing. it worked out perfectly. the appetizers, entrees, and desserts were pre-selected by maloney and everything was absolutely delicious. tony made a toast to merriss for being the guy/brother who brought us all together for such a memorable experience. here are some pics...lastly, (believe it or not) the last pic was not my idea, but i do appreciate it when friends see a big staircase and wish for a group pic on one...because we all know, my camera will not refuse the suggestion. all in all, it was a great day/night all around. some friends went out to the bars after dinner, but being that we woke up at 4:30 that morning and it was already close to 11:00pm...the only thing on jay and i's mind was passing out in our fresh clean sheets in a kidless bed in our quiet dark hotel room with nobody to tend to, but ourselves. sounds divine, right? oh, how it was. definitely the makings of a nice quick couples' vacation that is so close to home. thank you, lola and pawpaw for watching the girls for us. we love you guys! xoxo


haswell said...

Love all the pics! Thank you "mamarazzi" for always being on standby as a photographer! Fun times had, hopefully more to come!