Friday, February 3, 2012

slumber party

friday after school, one of abby's classmates and BFA came home with us for her first slumber party/spend the night. as soon as we arrived at our house, the girls were going wild with giggles and chases around the house. i believe the only time they sat still was to color big pictures of princesses. isabelle was having a blast and admittedly, i let her hang (just one time) from our canopy bed because i thought it made for a great pic to show her mom (and yes, i know jenn would understand considering she loves a good funny pic too). her daughter is a monkey and it's definitely obvious that she has two active brothers. i see gymnastics in her future. anywho, abby and isabelle partook in some pillow fighting and cuddles with baby jem-jem. here are some pics...once jay arrived home, we had plans to take the girls out for mexican (jay was craving chuy's) and the movies. we ate and then headed over to the nearby theater to watch beauty and the beast. i took these next couple of pics on my cell phone so the quality may be a bit lacking especially if a lot of movement was made. they are cute nonetheless. they enjoyed the movie, and i thought it was pretty funny that lylie insisted on taking the rest of the popcorn home with us.

once we arrived home, everyone brushed their teeth and changed into pjs. isabelle surprised abby with a super cute vest she made by cutting off the sleeves of an old t-shirt. her momma learned how to do this on pinterest and they turned out really cute. note to self: must make my own asap. all in all, it was a great slumber party. i loved every minute of watching these girls have so much fun. here are some pics...


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

So Fun! I have so many memories of fun slumber parties as a little girl - your girls are so lucky to have such a fun mommy!!

PS So glad your computer is up and going again, I was having withdrawals from your lack of posts - I love that we can keep up with each other this way.