Wednesday, February 15, 2012

star student of the week

abby was chosen as star student of the week and with each day, she was so excited to go to school because it meant that she was the leader and was able to pick certain helpers to start the prayers, lines, etc. with her. towards the end of the week, jay and i made plans to go visit her at lunch and bring cupcakes as a surprise for her classmates as a snack. abby said that they got to eat outside with them and have their own little picnic since the weather was beautiful. i've got to be honest, we are in love with this spring-like weather right now. the last picture is of abby with her two teachers. she absolutely adores them. we are so proud of you, abby, and we know how much you loved being the star student of the week. here are some silly pics that were taken in the lunchroom on my camera phone (sorry for the poor quality)...