Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday at the park

the weather was amazing on sunday and ever since her feet hit the floor that morning, abby was begging to go to the park. but not just any park. she insisted on the "big kid" park that she occasionally gets to play on while at school. the one with the monkey bars so that she can show us her capabilities. we load up their scooters and off we went for some family fun in the sunshine. here are some pics...okay so this next string of pictures absolutely crack me up. i wanted a decent normal one with my girls since i rarely have any being as i am always the one taking the pics. jay seriously took about 7 of these and with each one, i kept having to tell them, "don't be silly. act normal. this isn't a crazy shot. no peace signs. stop touching the baby." oh lawdy. i suppose i have no one to blame but myself. take a look if you will...after the park, we put the cherry on top of the day and ended it at yogurt mountain for some yummy ice cream. this spring-like weather has been nothing short of amazing.