Sunday, February 5, 2012

super bowl sunday

this year for super bowl sunday, mandy invited us over again for a low key family friendly get together. the football game involved the new england patriots versus the new york giants and kick off started at 6:30pm. it was a great game ending with the giants defeating the patriots with a score of 21–17. eli manning was named super bowl MVP for the second time in his career, and as always the commercials were great. madonna provided an awesome half-time show while the adults watched and the kiddos played upstairs. here are some pics...towards the end of the night, the guys got a bit froggish and decided that it'd be a great idea to partake in their own little version of a polar bear plunge. sean told the other guys to bring their bathing suits so that they could all jump in their pool in the backyard. i'm not quite sure what the water temperature, but i believe it was a very chilly 30-40 degrees. we all gathered around, cameras ready as the guys took off. it was hilarious. i'm not sure if i will ever understand why guys like to do these silly things, but it sure does make for some funny pics. thanks for having us, mandy. we had a blast!


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I was cold just looking at the pics of the guys jumping in the pool! You could not pay me to do that :)

And OH MY GOSH - everyone's kids have gotten so big. In my mind everyone is the same age they were when I moved away (2 1/2 yrs ago!)