Thursday, February 23, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) I find it to be rather bizarre how much my kids absolutely love going to the dentist. That said, I'm sure those feelings will change later.

2.) Lovesy lovey loves when my sweet baby Jem-Jem smacks her lips, thus making kissing noises when I tell her to "give Momma a kiss." #LeSigh

3.) Never fails that the one day I'm wearing workout clothes after #MommyAndMeBootCamp, Hubs & I run into all of his employees at lunch. #OhWell

4.) RT @capricecrane: I wonder what the exact age is when gym locker room etiquette for old people becomes: "F#ck it, I'm just gonna be naked."

5.) Last night, Hubs & I stayed up late in our kid-free bed searching & listening to best old school songs that we could think of. #AhhMemories

6.) Why I absolutely love shopping at Kohls: Total - $222.91, Saved - $333.54 #Boom

7.) RT @ALsocme: "Business leaders who belittle social media just DON'T get it. This is how the world communicates."

8.) Funny how Hubs can simply "think" about losing weight & 7 lbs are gone over night. #MustBeNice #TheMansMetabolism #WaterWeightButStill

9.) There was a tummy bug that violently attacked the girls' school. it seemed like every day that i picked them up from carpool, abby was announcing who puked that day and i kid you not that it's been going on for nearly two weeks. thankfully, and knock on wood (KNOCK.ON.WOOD.) it has not hit our house. #PuhleeezeStayAway

10.) RT @BhamNewsBiz: Are you on @Pinterest? A new study shows Alabamians are among the biggest users of the site.

11.) Dear Gawd. Say it ain't so. Crop tops are trying to make a comeback. ((shudder)) #NoThankYou

12.) RT @BirminghamMommy: "If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent." ~Bette Davis

13.) I shall workout today. I shall workout today. I shall workout today. #RepetitiveMotivationOnFatTuesday