Saturday, March 17, 2012

the atl: day 2

saturday morning, we all met at the interactive children's museum to let the kids play. this day was also st. patty's day in case all of the green we were wearing didn't give it away. it was so ridiculously sweet watching the girls playing with their cousins as they ran to each exhibit together. they spotted the big red dog clifford for a quick picture then made their way to trains, garden, on the farm, to the grocery store, fishing, the clubhouse, and many other spots. abby and lyla even stopped and sat down with maress, hannah, and elise as they listened to a play/storytime that was going on. abby said she really enjoyed it because by the end of the skit, the grumpy man had grown a big heart after learning to be nice to others. here are some pics...
after the children's museum, we all walked over a few short blocks to where the atlanta st. patrick's day parade was about to begin. the kids sat along the sidewalk as we stood there and watched. the different floats and inflatables were quite impressive as the kids waved once they passed by. gotta admit, the irish men in kilts playing their bag pipes are always my favorite. here are some pics...after the parade, we all ate lunch at the nearby bakery and it was delicious. by that time, i headed back to our hotel to let baby jemma take her much needed nap while jay took abby and lyla back over to matt and maress' house so that they could continue to play with cousins hannah, elise, brooke, and brandon.

lastly, we ate a low key family dinner at maggiano's and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. spring break was already to a great start as evidence by the smiles on our munchkins faces. oh, how i love wee little mini-vacations and catching up with relatives that we haven't seen in awhile.