Sunday, March 18, 2012

the atl: day 3

sunday we woke up and made our way to the coca-cola museum while the others went to the aquarium. reason being is because we've taken the girls to the aquarium before, but not to the coke museum and everyone has told us that we'd enjoy it. once we were inside, we watched a quick little introductory video inside a small auditorium area. after the video, the curtains opened and we were given the chance for a cheesy photo op with coke's polar bear and a character that is shaped like a bottle that was in the video. of course, we were all over it. i was in the professional group picture, but i really didn't feel like busting out 20 bucks for the thing. i like pictures, but i'm not stupid. plus, it wasn't a very flattering one of me. ha. and now the truth comes out. here are some we walked around a bit and went from room to room, reading the history behind coke, playing with a few interactive spots, and watching how the syrupy goodness is made in the huge machines until we finally entered the tasting area. we walked in and i seriously had no idea where to start...we had heard that africa had the best flavors and whattayaknow, it was right in front of us so we grabbed a cup and filled'er up! yup. it was magnificent. one tasted like a pina colada and it was ice cold. i may or may not have camped out at that one for a wee bit. the girls picked out a strawberry one and loved it as well. by the time we left, lyla was sporting a red coke mustache. and before we're judged, they honestly didn't drink copious amounts...maybe 3 half cups of different flavors and some were immediately poured out because they didn't like it. anywho, we walked around and tasted more. there were over 65 flavors and jay's favorite one was called "ice" from asia. he likes the asian flavor. yeah, he does. i digress. here are some pics...that last picture cracks me up. because if you didn't just sample enough coke, they gave you a bottle as a souvenir for the road. abby excitement over it was hysterical.

after tasting all of the different flavors of coca-cola from all over the world, we made our way to the 4-D theater were we watched a 15-20 minute movie that shook us all around, sprayed us with water, and blew cold air on us. needless to say, both girls ended up on top of me and in my lap because it ever so slightly freaked them out. ahhh, it was like disney all over again. all in all, we really enjoyed the coke museum and are happy to mark it off our list of places to visit.

after enjoying all things coke, we met up with our cousins at the centennial park that is across the street from both the museum and the aquarium. our mutual planning really seemed to work out and in good timing. my kids got to run around and burn off some sugar with hannah, elise, brooke, and brandon before we loaded up our car and headed back home. overall, it was a great weekend in the atl with family. i really love this kind of stuff and i know my kids do too. thank you for coordinating all of this, maress...until next time! xoxo