Thursday, March 15, 2012

daddy/daughter donut day

thursday morning, jay was invited by lyla for their very own special daddy/daughter donut day at school from 7:45-8:30am. he walked her up to her classroom where she showed him where the coffee, donuts, bagels, fruit, etc. were located as he made himself a plate and a cup of coffee. lyla also showed daddy her artwork that she painted of him labeled, "daddy douglas." he fell in love with it and decided to hang it on his board back at his office. jay also said that it was pretty funny as all the dads rotated taking pictures of each other with their kids on their phones...something us moms do all the time. i visioned it in my head and thought it was sweet.furthermore, jay told lyla that he was very impressed with her artistic skills however, although he is not extremely fashionable, he knows not to wear a black belt with brown shoes. too funny. they both really enjoyed their special time together which started off a great day. here are some pics...