Sunday, March 11, 2012

happy birthday, auntie jess!!

sunday was auntie jess' official birthday. we decided to make this a girls day where we partook in some shopping at the galleria. abby and lyla really wanted to ride on the carousel since it's their favorite thing to do while there. the girls ran to their favorite character (abby sat on a frog while lyla sat on the cat who caught a fish in its mouth). it was funny when we decided to hang our purses on the cat's paws at which jess said, "who says you can't teach an old cat new tricks?" was hysterical. here are some pics...after shopping, we headed over to the summit for a yummy dinner at chuy's. abby and auntie jess were being quite silly with each other as they made many different faces for the camera. below are just a few of the best. after our meal, the waiter brought out jess' birthday dessert as her and abby acted like they were blowing out a faux candle. again, hysterical. oh auntie jess, you are one funny lady and we love you. happy happy birthday, auntie jess!! xoxolastly, auntie jess left on monday and before she did she gave her favorite nieces a bunch of big ole hugs and kisses. she saved the last ones for her fellow birthday baby. until next time...