Thursday, March 8, 2012

happy happy 1st birthday, jem-jem!!

thursday marked baby jemma's first birthday and to say it was a day to celebrate is an understatement. i plan to write a deeper sentimental blog post about this special day, but right now is not the moment. this one is a light and fluffy post about how our special little girl celebrated her day.

jem-jem started off her day by being awakened by her big sisters who sang happy birthday to her as she wiped her sleepy eyes and smiled with her ridiculously cute four teeth. by midday, we met up with jay for lunch and i brought her birthday hat that is personalized with her name, an owl, and the number one on it. jem-jem was so happy to eat a birthday lunch with her daddy...after lunch we met up friends at homewood park before having to pick up big sisters in the carpool line. baby jemma got to play with cousin grant and their favorite part about the park is swinging in the baby swings. they loved it and the weather felt fantastic. jem-jem's birthday party hat was brought to the park as well because let's be honest, it's not a true celebration unless there is a cheesy hat involved. here are some pics...lastly, we celebrated as a family together over dinner at our local mexican restaurant. after we finished eating our meal, the waiters brought out a miniature sombrero and ice cream for our special birthday girl. at first when they placed the said sombrero on her head, she wasn't too sure about it. she kept ducking down as if saying, "wth, is this on my head? get it off now." so sweet baby jemma started crying. we laughed, took it off her, and then began singing happy birthday. once our favorite waiter fed her a sample of her ice cream, those tears quickly dried up. our baby girl was ready to celebrate. we love you sooo incredibly much, sweet girl. happy happy 1st birthday, jemma!! xoxo


Jennifer Murray said...

I love abby's star wars shirt! Happy birthday Jemma

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Love the owl birthday hat pictures!

Jamie D said...

I LOVE Jemma and Grant's little nekkid toes!!!! PINCH!