Thursday, March 1, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) We watched home videos of our munchkins all last night & loved every second of it. Still a bit in disbelief that our miracle baby will be ONE in less than two weeks!! It's all so bittersweet. I may be selfish in the fact that I don't want them to grow up this fast. I absolutely adore them being "little," and there's not a doubt in my mind that "I'm going to miss this." Now I know why the Duggars keep reproducing.

2.) RT @capricecrane: Brad Pitt's hairdresser gave him "The Rachel." And it all comes full-circle. #Oscars

3.) Note to self: Wearing boots all day in 77 degree weather will result in driving home barefoot. #HotLittlePiggiesNeedVentilation

4.) My nearly 4 y/o just fell out of bed & hit the floor hard. I ran to room only to find her still asleep on said floor. #NowThatsSomeGoodSleep

5.) Just left Children's South for Jemma's ENT appointment & I gotta admit, the 15 minute longer drive is soooo much worth shaving off the extra two hour wait if we were to have gone to the downtown facility. Fantastic. #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

6.) That said, Jemma did great. All the fluid in her ears are finally gone. At first they were concerned that the tube in her left ear was closed, but after two more hearing tests they have determined that both tubes are open...she just has narrow ear canals, but her hearing is normal. Hooray!! Follow-up in 3 months.

7.) RT @SteveCarrell: Hope Snooki doesn't have problems delivering her baby. She'd hate to hear the doctor say, "We have a little Situation here."

8.) My kids love to wrap up their own toys in old boxes and/or gift bags and then proceed to give them to each other as pretend birthday gifts. They sing "Happy Birthday" and everything. It excites them so much even though they already know what the toy is. #HilariousAndCuteAllWrappedIntoOne

9.) This week none of my munchkins have been sick. No sniffles, cough, or congestion. Nothing. Nada. This only means that next week we're doomed. #UsuallyTheWayTheCookieCrumbles

10.) Hubs is out late playing poker while I'm about to take late night shower so that we're both not competing for one in the morning. #ImSoThoughtful

11.) RT @badbanana: Okay, Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Seems like it might be time for you to Google "normal human mouth" photos.

12.) Love these warmer temps, but miss my sunshine. #PleaseDontTakeMySunshineAway

13.) Hubs and I's lunch dates have officially turned into working out dates at the gym. Plans to start Zumba with my mom and sisters are back in effect, and weekly weigh-ins at Weight Watchers are soon to be a reality too. My metabolism needs a boost along with a healthier lifestyle...oh and did i mention?...lake season is right around the corner too. That should be enough motivation in itself.

14.) RT @autocorrect: Dear models in facewash commercials, I honestly don't know anyone who can splash water on their face, smiling, with their eyes open.

15.) Was woken up at 4:00am bc my kid wanted a corn dog & to watch cartoons. At 4:00am. A corn dog. Did I mention it was 4am? #JoysOfParenthood

16.) Hubs went to Dr. for his 1st check up ever. Nurse asked: "What brings you in today?" Jay: "My wife." Nurse: "Yeah, we do things like that." #HealthMatters

17.) RT @AuburnAdmissions: In the past 5 years, AU grads/students have won an Oscar, the Heisman Trophy, Rhodes Scholarship, Pulitzer Prize, and the CEO’s job at Apple. #WarEagle

18.) RT @@aldotcom: It takes a couple of hours to fix the asphalt at the #DAYTONA500, yet it takes a couple of years to fix the asphalt on I-65 in B'ham.

19.) Random confession: Some girls dream of boob jobs for their birthdays. Not me. I dream of veneers. #TruthBeTold

20.) May or may not have just finished eating the rest of my kids' cereal for my lunch. #DontJudgeMe

21.) White-silverish nail polish always reminds me of my mom. I love it for the sentiment, but also because it's classy & fresh. #WearingItNow

22.) Nothing like adventures at the park one day & the next...finding multiple rocks all in your kids' jacket pockets. #SignsOfAGreatExplorer