Thursday, March 8, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) Ridiculous random fact: My kids are currently crazy in love with playing hopscotch. All day. Every day. #HopscotchAnyone?

2.) Confession: Big Bertha was parked on a steep hill & as I let my foot off the brake, she quickly rolled back thus hitting the car parked closely behind her. Needless to say, the boat hitch put a nice hole in their bumper. #OopsNotAProudMoment #ThankGodForInsurance

3.) I heart pictures. I heart people who take awesome pictures. I heart awesome people who take awesome pictures of my awesome kids. #MelissaWellsPhotographyRocks

4.) RT @ikepigott: Real Housewives of Disney might be the funniest thing on SNL in years. #AwesomelyHilarious

5.) Love is when I ask the Hubs " much do you love me?" as he groans then immediately does what I ask of him. #IMustBeDoingSomethingRight

6.) This week in school, Abby is learning how to count to 100 in increments of 5's, 10's, and 20's. Hearing her count reminds me of how much I use to love school. #SchoolIsCool

7.) Baby Jem-Jem's newest hobby is opening & closing every door. It's a game she can play for hours. Just be careful not to shut her in one. #WatchOutForTheLittleOne

8.) Can't help but giggle when I voice commanded Siri to "Find me Lowe's" and she replies back, "I don't understand. Find meat loaves?" Umm, yeah. No thank you.

9.) Church, art show, family lunch at #OverEasy, playing outside, and shopping at Cottontails. This day is so full of win. #SweetSunday

10.) Yo. I feel so gansta when I get to mark more and more off my "To Do" list. Fo' shizzle. #Word

11.) It's funny how I use to hate doing things just by myself, but now I actually crave it. #MommyMeTime

12.) I seem to always find myself telling my kids to "never wait till the last second to tee-tee" in order to avoid potential accidents. Perhaps I should start heeding my own advice because that was a close call. #LongLiveTheTeeTeeDance

13.) Hubs is attending his very first #StationsOfTheCross at church. He asked what is it like? My response: A lot of incense & even more kneeling. #LoveIt

14.) Meanwhile at Cottontails, a lady announces over the intercom, "We just saw you shoplift the white dress. Put it back. Yes, we just saw you shoplift the white dress." The whole civic center applauds & I'm sure said shoplifter died from embarrassment. #ThatsTheWayToDoIt

15.) RT @kimberlyfarr: All the ladies doing the Kacie black widow squash = winning. #TheBachelor

16.) Oddly enough, some times I get slightly annoyed that nothing seems to annoy my Hubs. So I asked him, "Does anything ever annoy you? There's got to be something!" His reply: "Only you" spoken with a smile on his face. #Touche'Focker #GodLoveHim

17.) RT @Real_Simple: Today's thought: "No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap." —Carrie Snow

18.) "Life is like a camera. The things you focus on you will develop." -Linda Poindexter #TruerThanTrue

19.) Current favorite commercial: The two dads wearing baby carriers at the park & flipping them upside down to smell diapers while ignoring the older one who just shat himself. #Clorox #HilariouslyTrue

20.) It's so funny to watch Jemma on the video monitor as she clanks her bottle back & forth on the crib railing. It's like she's in baby jail. #MaybeInHerMindSheIs