Thursday, March 1, 2012

wee-k mother's tea/luncheon

shortly after noon on thursday, i went down to lyla's wee-k classroom and met her in celebration of the mother's tea/luncheon. i wasn't quite sure what to expect with this, but boy was my heart blown away. it was seriously the sweetest thing ever. so i arrived early to look at her art work that was hanging up in the upstairs hallway. i found the painting that lylie created for me called, "mommy douglas" along with a picture attached to it that was of her in mid process of painting it. she painted me in a pink dress with a beautiful crown of pink rosettes in my hair. loved it.

below her painting was a questionnaire that mrs. west helped her answer and fill out. some of her responses are absolutely hilarious. for example, my name is "mary." apparently this was my made-up name for the day because i know she knows my real name. for you see, lylie loves to give herself a different name nearly every day of the week. it cracks me up. i digress. oh, and my age is 2. the other moms and i got a kick out of this...some of their kids said that they were "3, 55, 12, and old." also, i'm not a spanker so i'm not sure where she got that from, but it did make me say, "awww" along with reading that she likes to "get in my bed where she won't be scared" because as of this week and the stormy weather, she has been waking up around 4:00am and climbing into our bed. she is such a cuddler and i gotta admit, i secretly love feeling her little body beside mine in the early morning. anywho, here are some pics taken on my camera phone because in the quick haste to get out the door for jemma's early ENT appointment that morning, i forgot my good camera on top of the kitchen counter. oh well. these are still just as cute. here are some all of us moms are told to line up, one by one, and knock on the door as our kid comes to greet us. then they each hand us a bouquet of flowers that they personally made out of a pink egg carton, beads, and pipe cleaners wrapped in tissue paper and a bow. lyla gave me the said flowers along with a kiss then held my hand and led me to where i was suppose to sit. i sat down in her tiny chair and before me was a laminated placemat that again, she painted herself with a picture of her in the middle. there was also a beautiful cross necklace made out of tiny different colored sea shells, a big heart-shaped sugar cookie, and a letter that told me what our luncheon entailed. again, i was blown away by the sweet sentiment. here are some pics...once all the mothers were seated, each child started handing out their meal. when i saw my lyla walk towards me with a tray of food and a proud smile that reached from ear to ear, my face couldn't help but match hers. she was so proud. i was so proud. augh. i absolutely ADORE this kind of stuff.

we all say the blessing, and then mrs. west tells us how the class is going to serenade us while we eat just like as if we were in a fancy restaurant. they sang a variety of songs with the last one ending in a beautiful arrangement of different instruments. here are some pics...lastly, mrs. dorn (the principal) sat beside me and we both enjoyed watching the kids play roles reversed and tend to their mother's every need. lyla refilled my punch three different times and i never had to ask. she was on the ball and even refilled mrs. dorn's too. everything was perfectly sweet and memorable. later in the year, jay will get to experience something similar to this with lyla called, "donuts with dad." after telling him what our day entailed, he is so excited. it was such a great day and i thoroughly enjoyed my special one-on-one time with lylie. thank you so much, sweet girl. i'm so proud of you. love you to the moon and back. xoxo


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Love the picture of her bringing you your food - that is so sweet! And the questionaire cracks me up!!! I had no idea you were only 2, wore strawberry clothes and only "sorta" worked! HA!