Monday, April 30, 2012

JLB finds...

saturday i spent all morning with my mom and karmie at the junior league of birmingham bargain carousel event. the doors opened at 8:00am and we were so excited. although my mom and karmie have been going to this event (aka ginormous consignment sale) for nearly 10 years now, this was my first experience. it was a bit chaotic in some areas, but i found some really good finds. for example a white smock dress in abby's size for only $6 (those puppies are usually $80 brand new) and it was in great condition. also, a few dress up princess outfits along with matching slippers and a huge window shutter that i plan to go all pinterest on to match my green window panes. wish me luck.

lastly, karmie found a rabbit in the holiday decor section. we were immediately puzzled as to what it's function is...if it even has one. we called it the "doo-doo bunny" as karmie joked about taking a picture with it for her future easter card with the greeting, "crappy easter!" we laughed as we continuously tried to figure it out. do you plant it and something magical will grow? is it used as fertilizer? or was it just an odd decor? whatever it is...karmie is now the proud owner of it for only 50 cents. bargain, indeed!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

happy 3rd birthday, CJ!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

AOII's 25th anniversary gala

saturday night, i celebrated AOII's 25th anniversary with not only my sisters (karmie and karla), but my sister-in-law (jess). talk about keeping it in the family, right? i have three little legacies and will deny any stories that their titas/aunt try to tell them about their mommy and daddy during our good ole college days. anywho, i'll let the pics speak for themselves. the gala was a very nice event and i'm so glad that we were able to make it and see some old friendly faces. in one of the pics below is the scrapbook that i made during my freshman year. to no surprise, i was historian all throughout college because i loved taking pics. here are a few...

Friday, April 27, 2012

mommy bragging rights :)

hanging around...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

sweet baby ella

so i had the opportunity to finally hold and meet sweet baby ella for the first time. she is seriously the cutest little asian baby ever with the most adorable hair. i held her for nearly an hour as she slept on me and later woke up making the funniest faces. great job, sue and leo...i'll bring you guys dinner any day if it means i get to hold that sweet sweet baby. congrats again!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

twinkie family birthday dinner

tuesday night we were finally able to get my side of the family together in honor of celebrating karla and i's 31st birthday. we ate dinner at our local jim-n-nick's and requested to sit on the outside patio since we tend to be a loud obnoxious bunch. yes, really. our wonderful waitress surprised us with chocolate pie towards the end of our dinner, but before i go any further you must know this next detail...

apparently sweet baby jemma was sitting a bit too close to tita karmie's plate because while no one was looking she grabbed a jalapeno pepper, began to eat it, then began to obviously gag on it since it was definitely not the flavor she was anticipating. next thing we know projectile vomiting occurs and dinner is cut short. at least for me. nothing about my fish tacos seemed appealing. i honestly don't think i'll ever be able to order them again at future visits. oh well. needless to say, afterwards she was completely fine and bouncing around in my lap.

we all closed out our tabs and laughed at how lyla and carson are so addicted to the educational apps on our iphones. what did kids do before these handy distracting little devices? we have no idea. also, we watched as all the kids smothered tita karmie with begs and pleas to ride with her in her jeep. since our house is only minutes away, the "best tita ever" gave them a joy ride home. all in all, it was a great birthday dinner. sans the puking baby. but oh how i love her. happy birthday to us!

throwback tuesday

Sunday, April 22, 2012

earth day 2012

sunday turned out to be an absolutely amazingly beautiful day just in time to celebrate earth day outdoors. we packed us a picnic basket full of drinks, sandwiches, chips, and fruit and set out for the Railroad park downtown to participate in the Nature Conservancy's "picnic for the planet" event. there was live music, beautifully decorated picnic tables, and the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division put on a hands on show for the kids which included many animals and reptiles such as an owl, hedgehog, ferret, snakes, iguanas, etc. the girls loved this educational show and laughed uncontrollably when the parakeet started singing. throughout the event, team members were walking around counting people in hopes of setting a Guinness world record for most picnicking in a 24 hour period. i'm not sure if the record was made, but word on the street is that there were nearly 630 people there. here are some pics...

after enjoying our lovely picnic in the grass on top of a blanket, the girls ran to the playground area where we bumped into our two favorite twin boys, henry and finn. they played and played. and then played some more. abby's favorite thing about the play area is what she calls "the spider web" which consists of climbing up a ropes obstacle. lyla's favorite is of course the slides, and daddy thought it was hilarious while trying to teach the baby how to do chin ups on one of the bars. apparently, baby jemma thought it was quite comical too. after about an hour or so, we treated the girls to some ice cream/snow cone. they were in heaven. here are some pics...
so the girls continued to play and play. and play some more. we had no idea that nearly four hours had just flown by. abby and lyla begged and pleaded to take their sandals off so that they could dip their feet in the nearby pond and then they played frisbee with daddy, soccer with some other random kids, and threw the football around. it was so incredibly windy that day that we seriously wished we would have brought a kite or two. nonetheless, it was so great to be enjoying the bright blue skies and taking in all the wonderful sights and sounds. did i mention the band was playing some great oldies? i was raised listening to that kind of music so it felt very comforting and nostalgic. overall, we had an excellent time celebrating earth day as a family before heading over to the hospital and visiting the nan who will be undergoing surgery for a pacemaker. please keep her in ya'lls prayers, and we hope everyone enjoyed earth day. here are some pics...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 Blazer Fanfest

saturday we headed down to UAB in preparation for a tailgate in tent city for the blazer fanfest spring football game at noon on the west campus field. luckily, the predicted rained held out for us as the kids enjoyed the inflatables, face painting, a balloon artist, food, and live music from "the beatlads" (a beatles tribute band). we all wore our game day green for the occasion as well as miss kitty (the stuffed animal that lyla got to bring home from school for the weekend. this is always a special treat for her class). we all had so much fun playing with friends. here are some pics...

after playing around on the inflatables at the tailgate, we all walked over to the football field where the spring game was being held. we stood on the sidelines and watched as the kids chased each other and had races down the long nearby soccer field. later, we ran into blaze for a quick picture as the game was slowly coming to an end. on our way out, the girls stopped by the presidential tailgate for a UAB football shaped sugar cookie for the ride home. all in all, it turned out to be a great event. go blazers, can't wait for our upcoming season with a new coach!!