Friday, April 13, 2012

fun with auntie red

auntie red came over to watch the girls for us while we made it a late night out while celebrating our birthday. usually when she comes over she brings some sort of girly arts-n-crafts for the girls to enjoy. she said she gets her "little girl fix" through ours since she has a boy. we say, "go for it, they are all yours!" win-win, right? so this time, auntie red brings over some beads and the such so that they can make some cute necklaces, key chains, etc. below is a picture of their finished products. also, she took a couple of pics of jemma while on the couch. she said that jemma laughed the entire time the bucket was on her head. she thought it was hilarious until it got stuck. after a slight panic, auntie red rescued her and all was good after her and lyla started bouncing jemma on the couch...then the belly laughs erupted. too stinkin cute. thank you for taking care of our girls while we went out, they love their auntie red!! xoxo