Saturday, April 14, 2012

barons baseball

many of you guys already know this, but my BFF (stacy)'s son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes around his second birthday last year. she is very involved with diabetes awareness within the community and has formed a support group called, "Bolusers of Birmingham." saturday night, she organized an event: Barons Baseball Outreach Game Night. here are some details...

Families with a connection to type 1 diabetes are invited to a family fun event at a Birmingham Barons baseball game. The event is for families from Birmingham, Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa. Each city has a growing outreach initiative and the organizers hope to connect other families in other parts of the state. We've been offered a special group rate and all children in attendance will have the chance to receive a Baron's jersey or hat!

we decided to spend our saturday night as a family on my actual birthday in honor of a special cause that is also important to us since we love CJ so much. it ended up being the perfect night to be outside and listening to the sound of the ball cracking up against the bat. the girls had so much fun wearing their matching barons jerseys, eating popcorn, and watching the awesome fireworks show at the end of the game. it was also star wars night and we enjoyed getting to see some of our favorite characters as well as walking home with a ton of free barons memorabilia. we will be ball!