Wednesday, April 18, 2012

comedy club

every year for our birthday, karla maria and i win free tickets for a show at the comedy club. it's been a standing tradition for years now. we both won tickets to the same show, but unfortunately i wasn't able to go since jay had prior work commitments so i called back and declined mine. thankfully last minute, i was able to make it for our birthday celebration so we went under karla's tickets. the comedian was a hypnotist who went by the name "hypnaughty." yeah, we knew it was going to be raunchy just like last year's but hey, it's FREE tickets, right!? ha! so we all went and laughed, shook our heads in disgust, and laughed some more. karmie had not slept since coming off the night shift the night before so she was throwing back coffee like no one's biznaz while lynda was covering her eyes from the shenanigans that were taking place up on stage. overall, it was a good night. long live the comedy club...