Saturday, April 7, 2012

happy 5th birthday, ellie!!

saturday we headed on over to chuck-e-cheese in honor of ellie's birthday party. it feels like forever since we have been to the place where the big headed rat lives so i was pleased to see the changes thay have done. they have really made the area look a lot bigger and have definitely "upped" their birthday preparations and was a lot of fun and the girls really enjoyed themselves. here are some pics...abby and lyla got to dance with ellie and friends near the stage as later chuck-e-cheese (is that his name? i've always been confused by that...) threw tickets in the air for the kids to go nuts over. later, he crowned the birthday girl with a hat and a medallion, sang happy birthday, and was then allowed inside the ticket booth where it blew them all around her as she tried to grab the most that she could. it was fun to watch. happy happy birthday, ellie!