Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter 2012

sunday morning, the girls woke up and immediately ran to the fireplace to check and see if the easter bunny had come...sure enough, he did! they were so excited. we could hear screams from our bedroom waking us up that, "the easter bunny came, the easter bunny came!!" although i am definitely not a morning person, the joy and enthusiasm in their voices were enough to make me jump out of bed quickly. they sorted through their loot and ate some candy. furthermore, their most favorite thing in their baskets was the waddling chicken that pooped bubble gum. i've never seen a child so eager to catch poop and pop it in their mouth. lol. here are some pics...after going through their baskets, it was time to start getting ready for mass on easter sunday. as tradition stands for the past few years, we enjoy going to our childhood church that we grew up in with my side of the family. it's always comfortable to walk in and feel like you're home. after mass, we took a few family pictures outside the beautifully decorated doors since we were all wearing our sunday's best. here are some pics...after church we all ate lunch together as a family at one of our favorite chinese restaurants. we arrived and left at the perfect time before the crowd became too heavy. after lunch, we came home and told the girls to stay inside while daddy went outside to talk with the easter bunny about seeing if he was available to quite possibly hide some easter eggs for the girls to find. being the sweet talker that daddy is, the bunny obliged and viola, nearly 100 eggs were hidden all throughout our backyard.

neighbor friend lexie came over too and brought her basket to enjoy in the fun search. it was pretty funny when abby darted off and started climbing a small tree because she said she thought she "saw an egg on the top of it and wanted to shake it down." i quickly coaxed her down from the tree and told her the bunny wouldn't have hid them in such high places. she was all about the search, you could see it in her eyes. lyla was finding her fair share as well in the grassy areas and towards the end, daddy was helping them find the really hard ones by saying if they were "hot or cold." abby ended up finding the final and last golden egg which was hiding under daddy's grill. all of the girls were so excited and happy about finding the eggs in their baskets and couldn't wait to pry them open to eat the candy inside. great job, ladies. hope everyone had a hoppy hoppy easter! xoxo