Monday, April 30, 2012

JLB finds...

saturday i spent all morning with my mom and karmie at the junior league of birmingham bargain carousel event. the doors opened at 8:00am and we were so excited. although my mom and karmie have been going to this event (aka ginormous consignment sale) for nearly 10 years now, this was my first experience. it was a bit chaotic in some areas, but i found some really good finds. for example a white smock dress in abby's size for only $6 (those puppies are usually $80 brand new) and it was in great condition. also, a few dress up princess outfits along with matching slippers and a huge window shutter that i plan to go all pinterest on to match my green window panes. wish me luck.

lastly, karmie found a rabbit in the holiday decor section. we were immediately puzzled as to what it's function is...if it even has one. we called it the "doo-doo bunny" as karmie joked about taking a picture with it for her future easter card with the greeting, "crappy easter!" we laughed as we continuously tried to figure it out. do you plant it and something magical will grow? is it used as fertilizer? or was it just an odd decor? whatever it is...karmie is now the proud owner of it for only 50 cents. bargain, indeed!