Thursday, April 5, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) Watching Hubs teach eldest daughter how to ride her bike sans training wheels & it's making me smile & gasp at same time. #JoysOfParenthood

2.) Two words: Body Pump. Three more words: Going to hurt. Last additional word: Tomorrow. #FeelingTheBurn

3.) 85 degrees with a breeze in March. Forget Spring, Hello Summer? #OffToThePoolForSwimLessons

4.) Munchkins have been searching for leprechauns all day. Made trap w/ their cousins w/ gold coins in hopes of catching one. #HappyStPattysDay

5.) New, old, expensive, cheap, big, or small...there is something that is so much fun about staying in a hotel. #LikeACampForBigKids

6.) On this exact day last year, I got to hold my sweet baby Jem-Jem for the first time since being in the NICU. #TrulyBlessed #HappyStPattysDay

7.) My kids told me that I was special today. Daddy said, "Like Ed." And Abby said, "No, like a birthday." #FrakkinLoveMyFamily

8.) Way to go, Naphcare!! RT @cardgamesvyo: NaphCare, Inc., awarded new TechCareTM contract with Maricopa County (AZ) -

9.) Visited the nan at hospital & brought her blueberry crepes for dinner while I ate strawberry ones. Now awaiting #TheHungerGames midnight premiere with Hubs. #ShapingUpToBeAGoodNight

10.) Nothing can sadly remind you of how old you are like watching #TheHungerGames with bunch of hyper tweens. During Spring Break. At midnight.

11.) Dear neighbors riding dirt bikes in your front yard at 6:30am, SHUT.IT. #AreYouFoSerious

12.) Nothing is sweeter than listening to the one year old giggle in her sleep while watching her on the video monitor. #FunnySweetDreams

13.) Last week Tita Karmie asked the Mabster what did she give up for Lent. Perhaps confused by Spring Break, Abby replied back "school." #Hehehe

14.) Left Jemma's 1 year neuro follow up appt. Doc said "It is a rarity that I have the opportunity to tell you this..." (pause) but her hydrocephalus has resolved itself completely & ventricles are back to normal. #Hallelujah #MiracleBaby

15.) Today I am the girl who takes a shower before she works out because I'm hoping it will wake my arse up. #PushingThroughTheFatigue

16.) Despite taking shower in Shades Valley #YMCA trailer due to renovations, I was very pleased w/ the water pressure. #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

17.) Time to write out thank you notes and shock the sh!t out of my friends because they are receiving them within the next week. #DontJudgeMe

18.) Hubs is at guys night poker. All kids are in bed. Finally catching up w/ my blogging after 2 weeks behind & my Internet connection is crap. #BooOnCharter

19.) Go Kentucky!!! My Hubs winning his bracket is depending on you. Aka: Mommy's lunch money. #TheFinalFour #MustBeatTony #GoCats

20.) RT @SteveCarell: I only have a home phone so I can find my cell phone.

21.) Baby had her Cardio one year follow up appt where ultrasound showed mass on mitral valve was smaller & no worries for concern. Said she is functioning "completely normal." #ThankGodThankGod

22.) Worked out at Roebuck #YMCA for Zumba with mom & older sis. Haven't been inside that gym in over 25 years when we use to go to camps. #Cray

23.) Lyla found a pair of scissors and cut her hair again. I'm seriously going to have to start beating that kid. She just won't listen. #Sarcasm #MustHideAllScissors

24.) Absolutely adore how much the nursery ladies at my gym love to watch my juicy baby. Can't say I blame them. #LoveMySweetCheeks

25.) Immediately after carpool, it went from sunny and dry to nearly black and a monsoon in less than two minutes. #NoLie #Yowzas

26.) Bragging Rights: I lost 10 lbs!!! Gotta start somewhere! #MustStayMotivated


Jan said...

So glad to hear about Jemma's neuro appointment! 10 pounds! That's awesome!