Thursday, April 19, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) The baby loves to crawl up to my pinkish-red toe toes and push the big one like it's a button. It makes me giggle. #PushMyFunButton

2.) 2nd daughter has finally recovered from a double ear infection just in time for 1st daughter to come down with strep throat. And a fever virus. #WheresMyBubble?

3.) Even though Lent is already over with, I still heart Fish Market Friday lunches with the Hubs. #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

4.) "The best thing about a picture is that it never changes even when the people in it do." -Andy Warhol

5.) Took kids to the on call doctor where upon walking in, she took one look at me with my 3 girls in tow and said, "I've been looking for someone like you...I have 3 boys all around the same age and we just need to go ahead and marry them all off together. One trip for the holidays, let's make it easy peasy." I think she might be my new favorite doctor. #hahaha

6.) RT @CapriceCrane: Without awful parents we'd have no strippers & comedians. Withhold hugs today to create tomorrow's brightest stars!

7.) I heart Gotye. #ThatIsAll

8.) Confession: I don't find Adam Sandler funny. I don't find Jim Carey funny. (My older sister said this, and I couldn't agree more.) And I think 4/20 being "cool" is so 20 years ago. #Overrated

9.) RT @NotSteveCatrell: The reason we give kids middle names is so they can tell when they're really in trouble.

10.) Wash your hands and say your prayers cause Jesus and germs are everywhere. #Pinterest

11.) So there's a fellow mom that I think is the epitome of awesome. She has no idea I think this. But the other day in the carpool line, she gave me one of her child's used pair of toms. They look brand spanking new, people. This just solidifies how awesome she truly is. #GirlCrush

12.) I heart when I pick out a good movie for one of our late night viewings. And I heart when the Hubs stays awake the whole time because he is enjoying it as well. #Success

13.) Parenting without a sense of humor is like being an accountant who sucks at math. #Pinterest

14.) Windows open, Lysol canister nearly empty, and bedsheets are being washed for the third time this week. Be healed, sick kids. #LetUsPray

15.) I am pretty sure I have a negative metabolism. #SGP #MustWorkOut

16.) Fair warning: You're gonna tear up watching this video for the olympics because..."the hardest job in the the best job in the world." I absolutely love being a mom.

17.) Thank God for blessing me with much more than I deserve. #Pinterest

18.) Yes, I do have the best twin sister in the world...It's just that she's crazy and she scares me a little bit. #Pinterest #SarcasmAtItsFinest

19.) Supposedly the flu, tummy bug, and fever virus are going around like wildfire for the last two weeks. I have been nursing my babies while they miss school and are absolutely pitiful, yet have not come down with anything. My immune system is bull. #KnockOnWood

20.) Friends are always giving me things that they think are no longer useful and/or are junk. For example, Stace gave me some old window panes so that I can go all crafty with them. I'm thinking they will make an excellent gift with pics attached and I know I want to put one up in our bedroom at the lakehouse. Guess the quote really is true, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

21.) Character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you. #Pinterest