Saturday, April 7, 2012

war eagle cupcakes

confession: so our girls are currently addicted to watching youtube videos on how to make cakes. they know exactly what to type in and how to add it to their favorites on our phones (and no worries, we have child proofed their search engines so that they can not pull up things like "how to make eggplant" and get a video of something incredibly raunchy...because yes, that has happened to our grandmother. i digress.)

so where was i? oh yes, so there is this one video where they make a rainbow cake and cupcakes. the different colors have them in "oooo's and ahhh's." so saturday after a fun day at birthday parties, we ran by the grocery store for a few quick things for a grill out since the weather was beautiful and ingredients to make orange and blue "war eagle" cupcakes. abby and lyla had so much fun making them. they even had to give each other a "cheers" before diving into their first bite. yummmmmm...