Wednesday, April 4, 2012

zumba, and kohls, and pets, oh my!

Tonight at Zumba, my nearly six year old insisted on joining in since the nursery is "boring." I think I smiled the whole time as she danced beside her Lola. They looked like twins. It was awesome...after zumba, tita karmie and i wanted to continue the fun so we decided to do a wee bit of shopping at the nearby kohls. i let the girls pick out their own pair of sunglasses for the lake and tita karmie bought them a variety pack of different colored nail polishes and some shorts. they were so excited about their surprises and riding along in the big shopping cart.after kohls, we walked over to petsmart and let the girls look at all the different animals. not gonna lie, it has been years since i've been in a pet store and shockingly enough, this was their first time. abby and lyla loved looking at the birds, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, kitty cats, snakes, hermit crabs, etc.

furthermore, this next picture makes me laugh because we sent it to daddy via a text message while he was at his guys' night playing poker...the caption read, "we really want some fishies, daddy...pleeeeeease." this is in reference to the similar sized fish tank a friend gave us for free. it's currently in our garage just waiting to be put together and filled up with lots of fishies that are going to be fun to name. nothing can guilt a daddy like his daughters...