Monday, May 7, 2012

moms only beach getaway

sunday after the girls' recital, i drove down to panama city beach, florida to meet up with stacy and christi who had already been down there the night before. we stayed at stacy's family's condo through late wednesday afternoon and it was the most relaxing beach trip i have ever been on. seriously. low key, simple, and easy. we went grocery shopping upon arrival and ate breakfast and lunch inside the condo while eating out for dinner on outside patios on the beach at sunset. stacy surprised us with our own personalized beach cup that was big enough for two frozen fruity drinks as we laid out and rotated being in the sun and under our umbrellas.

also, i finally had the golden opportunity for a light fluffy beach read and enjoyed "fifty shades of grey" on jay's kindle. it was hot. literally and figuratively. we overslept each morning, had no one to tend to but ourselves, had absolutely no desire to hit up any bars or clubs (a true sign that i am old), went shopping at the outlets, saw a movie at the nearby theater, and laughed at the pool rules. all in all, it was a truly wonderful time...oh, how i'm already ready to go back! thank you, stacy for having us and muchos thanks to hubs for taking PTO and being mr. mom while i was you guys both!! xoxo. here are some pics...