Friday, May 4, 2012

school wide liturgy

abby's kindergarten class lead the school wide liturgy and it was the sweetest thing ever to watch. everyone took part and towards the end of mass, they walked up in front of the altar and sang 3-4 songs with super cute hand motions and gestures included. i don't think i ever stopped smiling. also, abby was one of the gift bearers and after walking down the aisle and giving father jaya the glass container full of wine, they all proceeded to bow simultaneously. i could tell she was taking her job very seriously because the look on her face was extremely focused. it was so sweet and yet funny. when mass was over, abby came walking over to me as she gave me the biggest hug and said, "mommy, i walked so reverently." i squeezed her even tighter, smiled, and replied back, "yes, you did." great job, K-P...ya'lls entire class did an amazing job!