Tuesday, May 1, 2012

teacher for a day

tuesday at school, abby got to be the "teacher for a day." to say she was excited is an understatement. the little gal was beyond thrilled. after picking her up from carpool, she told me all the fun things she got to do. for example, she picked out which classmates were going to be the line leader, prayer helper, etc. and everyone called her "miss douglas" all day long. for this special day she was allowed to come out of uniform for her important role where as classmates still had to follow the dress code. furthermore at lunch, she got to sit at the teachers table where she rang the bell when everyone got too loud and was allowed to drink a teacher drink (she picked sprite) instead of milk. oh, she thought that was the bee's knees. i'm sure there were a few other fun things but they have seemed to escape my memory at the moment. mrs. P sent home a cute little certificate recognizing this special day and later, abby's friend (isabelle) wrote her a sweet letter saying what a great job she did. so glad you enjoyed it, abby!