Thursday, May 3, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) Baby Jem-Jem has been paci-free for the past two weeks. The cold turkey transition went swimmingly. Parenting 3rd kid is so less stressful.

2.) Slightly embarrassed that I'm this excited about Big Bertha getting a bath. Who knew a car wash would make me feel so fulfilled? #ItsTheLittleThings

3.) RT @aldotcom: This was the first April since 2004 with no North Alabama tornadoes. #ThankGoodness

4.) The wind down song at #Zumba tonight was Alison Krauss' "When You Say Nothing At All" & it was about darn near perfect. #SuckerForLoveSongs

5.) Farewell to my girls' last dance classes! I will no longer have to spend 6 consecutive hours driving around in my car. #BegoneManicMondays

6.) RT @bhamdailynews: NaphCare proudly lands Virginia contract: NaphCare Inc. has secured its first contract in Virginia.

7.) The only people with whom you should try to get even with are those who have helped you. - John E. Southard

8.) I'm eating maple fruit oatmeal in my car while my eldest daughter has dance class. Because that's how I roll. #Word

9.) 2nd daughter begs to listen to her school's religious cd while in the car. I have been humming to "My guardian angel watches over me" #CatchyLittleJingle

10.) Dear #MyScoop, you really really really want me to buy that #LouisVuitton purse, don't you? Why don't you run that email through to my Hubs. I hear Mother's Day is right around the corner...

11.) Abby is "Teacher for the day" & wanted to cut her hair short & wear glasses to look exactly like Mrs. P. Talk about extreme role play. #LoveIt

12.) After #Zumba tonight, my mom and karmie took me to #Aldi for my very first time. I thought it was awesome and ate some of the fat-free devil's food cake while on the car ride home. #OhYesIDid

13.) Manned the manicure booth for Fun Day with Lyla's class today. I've never seen so many pretty sparkling nails. Even on the boys. #EqualOpportunist

14.) You know your Hubs is growing old & deaf when you ask him, "What are you washing?" and he says "Game of Thrones."

15.) The time I spend chasing after my highly mobile & loud baby while sisters are in their gymnastics class has got to be the longest.hour.ever.

16.) Ate lunch with Talley where we talked about her upcoming mommyhood adventures and potential names for her sweet little bundle of boy. #SoExciting

17.) Love watching school wide liturgies especially when Abby's kindergarten class is leading it. The ending songs are my favorite. #SoStinkinSweet

18.) "If his lips are going to be on something I made, it better be on a duck call." #DuckDynasty

19.) Our wonderful neighbors passed down their daughter's old professional gymnastics pole to our girls and I kid you not when I say that both Abby and Lyla are swinging on it every second of the day. #ObsessedLittleMonkeys

20.) Nan's pacemaker surgery went well and she is recovering as expected. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.

21.) Word on the street and in the carpool line is that I need to read the book #FiftyShadesOfGrey because it will make me blush and I won't want to put it down. #YouHadMeAtHello

22.) Hubs had to go out of town this week due to work. Needless to say when he arrived home, I talked his ear off. Such good news to share between each other about this crazy busy week. Every day has been something new and interesting.

23.) Why is it that every time I desperately need an umbrella, it is missing from my car? But any other time, it rests in the back of the trunk collecting dust. #IsntItIronic