Thursday, May 10, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) Is a big dork in the fact that the more books I read the more I find myself narrating daily routines as scenes in my head. #ToldYouIWasADork

2.) Random confession #541: I love going on girls only trips because it exposes me to all of their different awesome products that I later must buy.

3.) Dear #Spotify, I absolutely adore you. Where have you been all my life? That is all.

4.) My eldest daughter has officially become addicted to riding her bike nonstop now that the training wheels are gone. It makes her so happy.

5.) RT @SoVeryAwkward: That awkward moment when someone says "Hello!" and you say "Good thanks!"

6.) Every year I dream of hosting one awesome #KentuckyDerby party with white tents, big hats, mint juleps, & gambling. But every year I forget. #OhWellTheresAlwaysNextYear

7.) It cracks me up when Abby puts a toothpick in her mouth & walks around saying she is Mr. Calvin (school's janitor). Such an observant child.

8.) Sweet baby Jem-Jem is cutting teeth like mad. I believe there are six total trying their best to push through, two of which are molars. Poor sweet girl. Her only relief are ice cold grapes. #TeethingMadness

9.) Dear GPS, although you took me the scenic view route along the coast of each beach an hour out of the way, I have enjoyed it thanks to my awesome playlist & the bright big moon. #SoupForMySoul

10.) Meanwhile out at dinner tonight, the waiter tells my Hubs, "I have your honey in my pocket." Words cannot express how hard it was for me to resist saying, "That's what she said." (snicker-snicker)

11.) Finds it hysterical that the Hubs finds such pride in being first in the carpool line. #WhatANewbie

12.) Random Confession #875: Cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics are great. But as a mom who played volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball all throughout grammar school, high school, and intramural sports in college...i can't wait for my girls to compete in the serious life learning lessons in the world of well rounded sports!! #SignUsUp


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

#5 - I do that ALL.THE.TIME.