Thursday, May 31, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) My kids are mixing up their yogurt with applesauce, eating it, & begging me to try some because "Oh my goodness, it tastes soo good!!"

2.)  You know you're exhausted after a long day when you can't even find the motivation to get back out the door for a relaxing pedicure.

3.)  RT: I don't care what math says; the 1990s were still only 10 years ago...

4.) : Facebook is the new American Dream. Get an idea, build something, renounce citizenship to avoid taxes, sell for billions.

5.) Crab cake on a bed of spinach salad with strawberry vinaigrette & almonds.

6.)  Dude in truck road my bumper up entry ramp to freeway. After passing me, I smiled & obnoxiously waved at him. He better be glad I waved all of my fingers & not just one. #JustSayin

7.) Absolutely adores when my kiddos pick me flowers from outside. Even if they're really weeds.

8.) : Have you ever noticed that the longer you stare at a word, it begins to look worng?

9.) I get stressed when I'm behind on my favorite TV shows.

10.) : There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let others be inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.

11.) Wednesday Fact #752: Guys poker night out will inevitably lead to Girls pizza night in.

12.) : I don't care what the expiration date says, I'm smelling the milk before I drink it.

13.) It's about that hit "Unsubscribe" from all my random emails in my inbox.

14.) Nothing like going to bed with your tummy rumbling & waking up four pounds lighter. Yesterday was a good "portion control" day.

15.) Random confession #753: I'm slightly obsessed with miniature toiletries & travel packs. I want them all.