Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a visit with nan

while i was at the beach, jay spent most of his days at the nursing home/rehab center with his nan. although she is doing much better after having a pacemaker put in, she is still a bit unstable and a fall precaution. she is doing her daily exercises with the PT and is expected to be back to normal in no time. since nan has been in the nursing home, she has lost some weight since she loathes their cafeteria food...this is where jay comes to the rescue with meals like crepes, waffles, fish and chips, and milkshakes. hey, it's the quality of life not quantity, right? lol. if it makes the nan happy and she is eating, it makes us happy. here's a picture of her and jemma enjoying a vanilla milkshake together on her bed. i love this pic because it's only one of the very few that i have of them two together and nan told jay to take it which says a lot. here's to hoping you make a full recovery very soon, nan...we know your garden and cats miss you at home! xoxo