Saturday, June 30, 2012

talley's baby shower

saturday around 3:30pm, i helped host a baby shower for a dear college friend, talley. she is having a sweet baby boy named charlie and we wanted to celebrate both soon-to-be mommy and the bundle of boy. being the etsy addicts we are, her fellow hostesses tracked down all things orange and blue chevron on the popular website. everything turned out amazing. so excited to meet sweet baby charlie! here are some pics...

happy 1st birthday, grant!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

family date night

friday we decided have a family date night at the movie theater to see "brave." the girls have been looking forward to seeing it ever since the previews came out. overall, they loved the movie, but did get scared a bit during the bears fighting scene...somehow all 3 of them ended up in my lap because daddy was currently in the bathroom. 
on the flip side, i admittedly teared up during the mother/daughter bonding scene at the end. guess my kids know me well because abby turned around at this part and asked if i was okay while rubbing my arm...this of course only made it worse. SIGH. oh, how much i love my compassionate girls. it was a great movie.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wordless wednesday

Monday, June 25, 2012

happy 7th wedding anniversary!!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

jamaican me crazy: day 4

our last day in jamaica was a very low key relaxing one. we definitely wanted to soak in as much rest as possible considering reality was sneaking up right around the corner. we woke with breakfast in bed and then made our way to the pool. the weather was amazing the whole time we were there so we were very thankful for that. throughout our trip, jay and i joked around with each other by saying one flirtatious cheesy line: "well hello there...come here often?" it was pretty funny, especially when being said before he handed me a drink.

later for lunch, we took a cooking class on the beach where jerk chicken, rice, and veggies were made along with a seafood delight. it was all delicious. for our last dinner, we dressed up a bit fancier than our usual and headed to our reservations at the surf and turf restaurant. once we were finished, we decided to go exploring around the resort some more and found our way to the disco hall where we danced, laughed, and figured we were too old for that scene so we walked around some more and found the game room where i ended up beating jay in a game of pool...who cares if he let me win one?...i let him win the last two. :D) here are some pics...
all in all, this was definitely our best vacation together...EVER. it was so relaxing, so fun with loads of funny moments, and a hint of exhilarating things we've never done before. a trip like this definitely makes you appreciate how blessed we are and refreshes your heart, mind, body, and soul so that we can be better people for our kids, each other, and everyone around us. such a sweet escape. thank you, mom, dad, and mamaw for watching the girls for us while we celebrated our anniversary. we love you guys sooo much! xoxo

Friday, June 22, 2012

jamaican me happy: day 3

friday morning, we woke up early and jumped on a bus that took us for our day o'excursions at mystic mountain in ocho rios. we were quite excited about experiencing some things that we've never done and were on our bucket list. for example: bobsledding in jamaica (cool runnings would have been proud), zip-lining through a rainforest, and climbing up a 600 ft cascading waterfall at dunn's river falls.

when we first arrived at mystic mountain, we were taken on the SkyExplorer ride which carried us up to the top of the mountain. we dangled our feet over the high treetops and gazed out at the wonderful view of the ocean bay from afar. it was breathtaking. after that, we went bobsledding and later on the canopy zip lines...both were very exhilarating with a hint of terrifying simply because i am scared of heights. bucket list, right? yup. had to do it. it was sooo much fun and i'm so glad we lived to tell about it. here are some pics...
at dunn's river falls, we donned our shnazzy jamaican colored water shoes and decided to partake in one of their national treasures. we formed a human chain and held hands as our tour guides helped us climb up the 600 ft cascading waterfall. they even videotaped our adventure for us (and why yes, we are the dorks who actual bought a copy) and it was hilarious to watch later that night as they encouraged us to constantly say, "yeah, no problem, mon!" as we shook our hand gesture in the air. ahhh, good times. did i mention that we fell asleep around 9:00 that night? yup. good times, indeed.

jamaican me happy: day 3...completed.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

jamaican me happy: day 2

after oversleeping and waking up in paradise, we walked down to the beach. the water was such a gorgeous turquoise color and very refreshing. we spent all day out on the beach and then to the pool where we camped out near the swim up bar and enjoyed the "nadia's special." it was the best fruity cocktail i've ever had. later we ate lunch at the cafe that overlooked the ocean, swam some more, and then decided to start getting ready for the night's festivities. here are some pics...
for dinner, we ate at the hibachi grill where we made friends from new jersey and texas. we chatted the night away and then walked over to the theater where "Chicago: The Musical" was being performed. we were both very impressed with their production and really enjoyed it. once again, we found our way to one of the beds beside the pool before sipping on more drinks and calling it a night.

jamaican me happy: day 2...completed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

jamaican me happy: day 1

wednesday morning, we dropped off the girls at lola and pawpaw's house where mamaw was also there waiting to help out during the week while they worked. the girls were so excited to spend the night and have lots of fun with their grandparents. from there, jay and i drove to atlanta to catch our flight to montego bay, jamaica where we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary as a "mom and dad only" trip. during the flight, we sat beside kelly cutrone. if you don't know who she is, please google her...this is as close as it got as far as me meeting someone "famous." apparently, America's Next Top Model was filming in jamaica during the time we would be out there. i was slightly intimidated at first, but she was really nice and friendly...
the next array of pics have been condensed to fit into smaller ones that make up a collage. i tend to get camera happy at beautiful sights so forgive me. we stayed at Iberostar Grand Rose Hall resort in Montego Bay and the place was absolutely amazing. from the little to the big things, these guys knew how to do it right. upon arriving, we were met with mimosas, given a tour, made dinner reservations for each night as well as booked a day of excursions for later in the week, got settled in, gasped over our view and the fun swing that was on our balcony, and then headed to the beautiful pools outside. here are some pics...
by the end of the night, jay and i enjoyed laying down on one of the big beds beside the pool as we drank our fruity cocktails, laughed, and gazed up at the stars. it was so nice. i'm not kidding when i say we did this every single night before making our way back up to our room. 

jamaican me happy: day 1...completed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

manic monday

you know it's going to be a "manic monday" when the first thing you see and hear upon wakening is this face crying and screaming for "momma, momma" on the video monitor beside you...
yup. and i wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day 2012

dearest my dear jay,

you are absolutely amazing. not only to me. but to our three girls...i firmly believe God gave you three beautiful daughters because you are the perfect example of how a man should treat a lady...and they see that. every single day. you set the bar high for every future boyfriend. and i love that. you are the type of father every sweet child deserves. strong, unselfish, caring, supportive, and always there to encourage, discipline, and provide loads and loads of laughter. we love you to the moon and back! xoxo,
~ your girls

Saturday, June 16, 2012

happy 6th birthday, keira!!

happy 4th birthday, hudson!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

tony maloney's pizzeria

friday after jay got off work, we headed over to tony maloney's house because they thought it would be a fun night for the girls to come over and make homemade pizzas. the babies (jemma and hannah) got to crawl around and play with each other while the big sisters got their hands dirty in the dough, sauce, and other yummy ingredients. uncle tony then baked them out on the grill along with a big one for us and a s'mores pizza for dessert. all of it was absolutely delicious. here are some pics...
after dinner, we stayed awhile longer and enjoyed great conversation and company. meanwhile, our girls were playing dress up and having a blast. claire bear even taught abby and lyla her latest ballet routine that she performed at her last dance was so stinkin' cute. i'll have to upload the video soon. overall, we had a great time and absolutely adore hanging out at the ceasar's pizzeria. thanks for having us! xoxo

our quest for passports...

(rewind if you will: jay and i knew we wanted to getaway in honor of our upcoming 7th wedding anniversary, but we had no idea where. after doing some last minute quick research, jay found an awesome deal for a vacation for two to Jamaica. the only problem was that we both do not have passports and showing proof of a birth certificate is no longer valid. the closest place to obtain our passports is in atlanta so we figured, what the heck, let's do this...we filled out the paperwork required, packed our bags and kids, and decided to make it a quick trip...)

once jay got home after work on thursday afternoon, we made our way to atlanta. we checked into our hotel room where upon entering the girls ran to the wall length windows and gasped over the beautiful sight of the buildings in downtown. they couldn't believe how high up we were and pointed at all the "ants" below. i seriously think this was the highlight of their trip. instant satisfaction. works for me.

so we throw our bags down, take potty breaks, and head back down for dinner. we walked straight out the front lobby hoping to find the closest place to eat which ended up being a nice quaint italian restaurant. God must have known i was craving pasta. :) abby and lyla were so excited to smell the sweet little pink carnation that sat at our table. again, they are easily amused by the little things. after dinner, we walked back to our hotel room where the view was even better at night. after taking in the glitter of the lights, we closed the curtains and got ready for bed. yup, all five of one bed. here are some pics...
so far this trip sounds heavenly, right? WRONG. what i have failed to mention because i sincerely do not wish to rehash the night's events were that even though the pics above display smiles and was a day of "everything that can go wrong...will." and it did. over and over again. for example: we circled around the hotel 3 times before finding where to park our car. we requested two double beds, but instead got one king. that's okay, we'll just roll with kidneys are fairly familiar with elbows in them anyway. we decided to walk outside to find something to eat where we discovered roaming bums and the smell of horse poop. everywhere. so we ask a taxi if he could take us somewhere to eat. he doesn't speak english. we are exhausted and hungry so we tell him, "never mind, it's okay" and walk back to our own car so that we can find the next decent place. we parked on the 5th floor. the elevators were out of order. and even though jay prepaid the parking deck to let us out, the patrol arm would not rise so he has to run inside to get help. my kids are in rare form since they are just as hungry and exhausted as we are. in my mind, i am so unbelievably annoyed that all i can do is laugh and think to myself, "god is definitely testing my patience right now. this is nucking futs."

we make it to dinner. everyone is still alive. we eat. we have succeeded!

we make it back to our hotel room where the fun has just begun. apparently our kids were going to make us EARN those passports. the baby is in her crib beside our bed. she won't fall asleep because she is too busy playing with lyla's face through the bars and lyla thinks it's hysterical so she erupts with laughter every five seconds. we separate the two. baby is screaming and mad. can't say i blame her...she sees all of us in a nice fluffy marshmallow bed and wonders why she's not there sandwiched beside all of us. i pull her out of the crib and let her sleep in daddy's arms just like she does at the lakehouse, hoping this will do the trick. i find a spot on the floor. baby crawls off the bed. ((THUMP)). not good. not good at all. momma bear is mad now along with mad baby. abby is the only one asleep at this point. did i mention it's 2:00am? yeah, i'm sure our neighbors loved us...

so i'm going to stop myself there. i really didn't want to rehash the night, but oopsey, looks like i just did. i think i got about an hours worth of sleep. the sad thing is i was secretly hoping it was already 8:00am and we were waiting in the federal office because i wanted the night over with.

our appointment to get our passports went swimmingly. the worst was over. hip, hip, hooray!! so we headed back to our hotel and went straight up to the rooftop where the pool was located. it was so nice up there and the girls loved it. we swam and relaxed for hours. abby practiced swimming under water while lyla struck her "cheesecake" pose every time the camera was slightly in her direction, and jemma enjoyed being held by either daddy or me as she splashed and kicked her wee little feet. here are some pics...
overall, we made the best of our different situations that unexpectedly happened. it was seriously a roller coaster ride which definitely reminded me of what parenthood is all about. not gonna lie, the quest for our passports just made jamaica taste that much sweeter...