Saturday, June 23, 2012

jamaican me crazy: day 4

our last day in jamaica was a very low key relaxing one. we definitely wanted to soak in as much rest as possible considering reality was sneaking up right around the corner. we woke with breakfast in bed and then made our way to the pool. the weather was amazing the whole time we were there so we were very thankful for that. throughout our trip, jay and i joked around with each other by saying one flirtatious cheesy line: "well hello there...come here often?" it was pretty funny, especially when being said before he handed me a drink.

later for lunch, we took a cooking class on the beach where jerk chicken, rice, and veggies were made along with a seafood delight. it was all delicious. for our last dinner, we dressed up a bit fancier than our usual and headed to our reservations at the surf and turf restaurant. once we were finished, we decided to go exploring around the resort some more and found our way to the disco hall where we danced, laughed, and figured we were too old for that scene so we walked around some more and found the game room where i ended up beating jay in a game of pool...who cares if he let me win one?...i let him win the last two. :D) here are some pics...
all in all, this was definitely our best vacation together...EVER. it was so relaxing, so fun with loads of funny moments, and a hint of exhilarating things we've never done before. a trip like this definitely makes you appreciate how blessed we are and refreshes your heart, mind, body, and soul so that we can be better people for our kids, each other, and everyone around us. such a sweet escape. thank you, mom, dad, and mamaw for watching the girls for us while we celebrated our anniversary. we love you guys sooo much! xoxo