Thursday, June 21, 2012

jamaican me happy: day 2

after oversleeping and waking up in paradise, we walked down to the beach. the water was such a gorgeous turquoise color and very refreshing. we spent all day out on the beach and then to the pool where we camped out near the swim up bar and enjoyed the "nadia's special." it was the best fruity cocktail i've ever had. later we ate lunch at the cafe that overlooked the ocean, swam some more, and then decided to start getting ready for the night's festivities. here are some pics...
for dinner, we ate at the hibachi grill where we made friends from new jersey and texas. we chatted the night away and then walked over to the theater where "Chicago: The Musical" was being performed. we were both very impressed with their production and really enjoyed it. once again, we found our way to one of the beds beside the pool before sipping on more drinks and calling it a night.

jamaican me happy: day 2...completed.