Friday, June 22, 2012

jamaican me happy: day 3

friday morning, we woke up early and jumped on a bus that took us for our day o'excursions at mystic mountain in ocho rios. we were quite excited about experiencing some things that we've never done and were on our bucket list. for example: bobsledding in jamaica (cool runnings would have been proud), zip-lining through a rainforest, and climbing up a 600 ft cascading waterfall at dunn's river falls.

when we first arrived at mystic mountain, we were taken on the SkyExplorer ride which carried us up to the top of the mountain. we dangled our feet over the high treetops and gazed out at the wonderful view of the ocean bay from afar. it was breathtaking. after that, we went bobsledding and later on the canopy zip lines...both were very exhilarating with a hint of terrifying simply because i am scared of heights. bucket list, right? yup. had to do it. it was sooo much fun and i'm so glad we lived to tell about it. here are some pics...
at dunn's river falls, we donned our shnazzy jamaican colored water shoes and decided to partake in one of their national treasures. we formed a human chain and held hands as our tour guides helped us climb up the 600 ft cascading waterfall. they even videotaped our adventure for us (and why yes, we are the dorks who actual bought a copy) and it was hilarious to watch later that night as they encouraged us to constantly say, "yeah, no problem, mon!" as we shook our hand gesture in the air. ahhh, good times. did i mention that we fell asleep around 9:00 that night? yup. good times, indeed.

jamaican me happy: day 3...completed.