Friday, June 15, 2012

tony maloney's pizzeria

friday after jay got off work, we headed over to tony maloney's house because they thought it would be a fun night for the girls to come over and make homemade pizzas. the babies (jemma and hannah) got to crawl around and play with each other while the big sisters got their hands dirty in the dough, sauce, and other yummy ingredients. uncle tony then baked them out on the grill along with a big one for us and a s'mores pizza for dessert. all of it was absolutely delicious. here are some pics...
after dinner, we stayed awhile longer and enjoyed great conversation and company. meanwhile, our girls were playing dress up and having a blast. claire bear even taught abby and lyla her latest ballet routine that she performed at her last dance was so stinkin' cute. i'll have to upload the video soon. overall, we had a great time and absolutely adore hanging out at the ceasar's pizzeria. thanks for having us! xoxo


haswell said...

Oh how cute! Love the little princesses all dressed up. Miss you guys! Tell all the little ones to STOP growing!