Thursday, July 5, 2012

"just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

during uncle ian and the kids stay throughout the weekend, we went to the pool a couple of times during the day for a refreshing break from the heat. we joined the aquatic club that is seriously less than two minutes from our house and our girls have been obsessed with swimming there nearly every single day this summer. lyla is addicted to the super fast water slide tunnel, whereas abby repeatedly jumps off the diving board in the deep end and swims every where with no floaties!!! (disclaimer: i realize in the picture below that abby is in floaties, but this was her first time in that pool...a week later and it is like night and day.) so proud, love our little fishies! here are some pics...
lastly, later that night abby and lyla fought over who got to sleep beside their cousin terri so being the "let's try to play fair" mommy that i am, i decided to push together their twin beds in the middle of their room and they absolutely loved it. popcorn, movie, and slumber they come!