Friday, August 31, 2012

drag queen makeup party

friday night stace, laura, and i headed over to kelly's house for her festive make up party. she had one of her friends who is also a drag queen who has won many competitions and titles here in alabama come over and help us all with some beauty tips. i felt like i was re-living freshmen year in P.E. during a rainy day in the locker room where those who were experienced with applying make-up had a field day with my bare face. it was awesome.

we all brought some fake eyelashes where he/she showed us how to put them on over our eyeliner and then apply "wings" with our eyeshadow. i decided to go all out and brought purple glitter for all of the above. complete the rest of my face with bright blush and red lipstick along with a neon green wig and hot pink feather boa...and well, it was fantastic. we all had so much fun just being silly. here are some pics...
lastly, here are my before and after pics. we were told to wear no make up and/or smiles in the before pic so that the after one would be that much more dramatic. i'd have to say that both pics are pretty darn funny. all in all, we had a blast. guess it's matter if you're 5 or 50, playing dress up with copious amounts of makeup is still fun. thanks for having us, kelly! here are some pics...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

throwback thursday

"wild horses couldn't drag me away..."

lyla's "about me" poster

lyla's first school project was an "about me" poster in which she created (with the help of mommy) to "show and tell" in front of her teacher and classmates. she picked out her stickers (disney princesses and a big ole cupcake) to show things that she loves. she also glued on pictures of her family, in her dance recital costume, and a few from her gymnastics birthday party. she wrote her name on the bottom and free-styled a bit around the corners. her poster looked wonderful. so proud of you, lyla bug!

abby's 1st grade school pic

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

steel city pops

wednesday after picking up the girls from carpool, we met up with tita karmie right around the corner at steel city pops. i had some things to give her and i wanted to scope out her awesome new convertible jeep liberty. we decided it'd be the best place to meet since we could all enjoy a yummy organic, locally harvested, sweet treat. i had the strawberry balsamic popsicle, karmie had the coffee flavor, abby chose banana while lyla chose watermelon. they were all absolutely delicious. thank you, tita karmie! also, abby ran into a classmate and they enjoyed their popsicles together. after wards, we sat inside karmie's new car and the girls loved having the top was the perfect ending to a summer that is winding down. here are some pics...

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"let's go, cavs..."

the 90# mini cavs had their first football game versus pelham at 6:00pm. abby was dressed and ready to cheer on her school's team with her best attempts at toe-touches and handstands. the squad did great and their halftime show was too cute. although our cavs lost, we still enjoyed cheering them on. let's go, cavs! here are some pics...

Monday, August 27, 2012

lyla's first day of school

lyla started her first day in 4K today. she was so excited to get back into her school routine that getting up that morning was a breeze. she walked straight up the stairs to her classroom where the wee-kindergarten program meets and hung her red book bag on the hook. after donning her name tag, she was ready to start her day. here are some pics...
after picking up lyla at her noon dismissal, she told me all about her day. she met a new friend named cooper and got to color a lot. they listened to the story "the kissing hand" and then later drew a picture for me to see inside her folder. she had a great first day in 4K, so proud and happy for you!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

happy birthday, sophie!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

party hardy

saturday, the girls attended two birthday parties (cruise's at splash pad and aidan's at gymnastics) before heading to our neighborhood pizza party. we took just a few pics throughout the day so i'll share them now. it ended up being a long day, but was filled with fun. happy happy birthday, cruise and aidan!! here are some pics...
lastly, this is what we're going to miss the most about our current neighborhood...these kids are awesome. apparently, we all drank the same water around the same time because the ones that live closest to us are mostly girls around our girls' ages...

Friday, August 24, 2012

north tavern's grand opening

friday night, mamaw came over to watch the girls for us while we headed to trussville for uncle germy's bar and grill (the north tavern)'s grand opening. we met up with friends around 7:30pm and enjoyed dinner before the live band "buck wild" came on stage. i ate the club sandwich and it was delicious. the band played great songs as well and we all had a great time staying out way past our bedtime, dancing and chatting the night away. i believe this new venture for the guys is going to be a success. here are some pics...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) Fact #426: The treadmill hates me. Especially when my ear plugs have been left at home.

2.) My younger two daughters love to saw some logs during carpool.

3.) I have never wanted it to be fall more than I do right now. #SGP #HelloFootball

4.) : How do I unsubscribe from seeing when girls I know claim a "bubble necklace offer?" Seriously, Facebook. Enough.

5.) Every now & then...when the stars align can find a real genuine treasure within the gift shop of your local Cracker Barrel.

6.) Movie night: Just watched "Crash" on & it was pretty good. Intense, but good. Should have been appropriately named "Karma" instead.

7.) That is terribly sad. RT : Alabama leads the nation with highest rate of prescription narcotic use.

8.) : When I'm on a health kick and start noticing my pants fitting looser, I immediately get the urge to eat a hamburger and fries.

9.) : The most effective way to do it, is to do it. -Amelia Earhart. If there's something you wanna do, go for it. Conditions look good for takeoff!

10.) : My youtube history reflects my inner 14-year-old-self. "Call Me Maybe" on repeat with the occasional hair tutorial.

11.) You know you married a big ole' cheesy poon when your husband knows more love songs than you do while competing in SongPop.

12.) Flyer in my kid's school folder for tennis lessons. When asked if she wanted to play she said, "No, I want to play volleyball."

13.)  Best feeling ever: Waking up and seeing you still have a couple hours to sleep.

14.)  : 1000 years from now when the celebrities & politicos we find so important are forgotten, people will remember your name.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wordless wednesday: flash mob, anyone?

lyla's 4K open house

wednesday morning, lyla had her open house/meet the teacher for 4K in ms. mcgough's classroom. unfortunately, ms. mcgough's mother had just recently passed so she was unable to be there. instead ms. cathy was there to greet lyla with a big hug and smile. she was so excited to familiarize herself within her new surroundings. she played with some toys and met a new classmate and friend as we signed up to help for different holiday and classroom events. lyla even showed her baby sister and daddy where to put the food in the kitchen. here are some pics...
after her open house, we decided to eat lunch at the nearby "little donkey" before jay had to head back to work. lyla got to color her own mask and growled that she was a monster throughout our meal. it was turning into a great day because her enthusiasm was contagious. we're so happy that she is excited to start 4K with new teachers, classmates, and fun!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


tuesday night, we surprised kathyrn with a little get-together in honor of her birthday. shannon offered up her lovely home where we enjoyed each others company outside in her screened-in porch. we all brought a dish to share and presents to open. kathryn was excited and proudly wore her "it's my birthday" sash that will be handed down to the next birthday girl.  all in all, it was a lot of fun. i'm so thankful i met these moms whose daughters are all in abby's class. it's nice to feel connected and on the same page with how much we love their school and teachers. happy happy birthday, kathryn!!