Tuesday, August 7, 2012


meanwhile on tita karmie and abby's second day of adventures, they decided to drive over to pigeon forge to partake in more fun at the dollywood theme park. gotta admit, i'm a wee bit jealous since i have never been and have always wanted to go. tita karmie said the place was awesome in that it's like a miniature six flags minus all the huge crowds and rude teenagers. let's not forget that dolly parton owns it so that in itself is filled with fantastic. oh, and before i forget...while on their car ride over, tita karmie said that she let abby listen to dolly's "jolene" on repeat as they had the windows down and the wind in their hair. she now knows every word in the song. this cracks me up. 

anywho, they rode some of the roller coaster rides and everything in between all while enjoying the smokey mountains. dollywood was yet another success! here are some pics...