Friday, August 17, 2012

for sale

welp...we finally put our house on the market late this afternoon. after months of prioritizing, sacrificing, trying our best attempts of putting our ducks in a row, de-cluttering, organizing, cleaning, and waiting on God's timing for things to pan out the way we wish, hope, and pray for them to...a "for sale" sign finally sits in our front yard. it's all bittersweet really. this was our first house together. the home where our babies were "babies." the home where many wonderful memories were made and it has the most super friendly "kid" neighborhood you will ever find.

so jay told me to take some's what i do best after all, right? our realtor uploaded them to the alabama real estate websites and the waiting game began. i don't ever want to forget this house so i'm blogging the pics here for my own keepsake since i know it will later be printed out into a book. i realize they're just pics to anyone who is just glancing upon them, but to us...they are so much more...


haswell said...

Congrats on selling! I know that bitter sweet feeling all too well! I cried like a baby when we got our final offer. The changes and move have been great for our family, but that first house has something so special about it! I need to put pictures of our old house on our blog too. Such a good idea! I know one day I will want Greer to see them. Our old house already looks so different and nothing like the way we left it. Makes me sad, but everyone's taste is so different.