Friday, August 17, 2012

JCC green & white night

friday night, we headed over to my ole alma mater (john carroll catholic high school) in celebration of their green and white night. this event is where many different sports (football, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, track and field, dance team, etc.) that play throughout the diocese and under a JCC youth, middle, or high school team are all recognized. each team's players are announced and the cheerleaders and dance teams perform in front of everyone inside the gymnasium.

it was nice being back inside that place and seeing some familiar faces that once taught and coached me back in the day. i digress. so abby's cheerleading squad, "the mini cavs" performed some cheers in front of everyone and the crowd absolutely loved it. this is the first year for the JCC youth football program to have a 1st-3rd grade cheer team and not only is my kid one of the first members to make up the squad, but i help by being the assistant coach to stacy who ever so lovingly encouraged jenn and i to do so. we're making history, you guys. right here. right now. here are some pics...
all in all, everyone did awesome. abby cheered her little heart out and we were so proud. we love you, sweet girl and are so glad you're having so much fun! xoxo