Wednesday, August 22, 2012

lyla's 4K open house

wednesday morning, lyla had her open house/meet the teacher for 4K in ms. mcgough's classroom. unfortunately, ms. mcgough's mother had just recently passed so she was unable to be there. instead ms. cathy was there to greet lyla with a big hug and smile. she was so excited to familiarize herself within her new surroundings. she played with some toys and met a new classmate and friend as we signed up to help for different holiday and classroom events. lyla even showed her baby sister and daddy where to put the food in the kitchen. here are some pics...
after her open house, we decided to eat lunch at the nearby "little donkey" before jay had to head back to work. lyla got to color her own mask and growled that she was a monster throughout our meal. it was turning into a great day because her enthusiasm was contagious. we're so happy that she is excited to start 4K with new teachers, classmates, and fun!