Sunday, August 12, 2012

pawpaw and overalls

we've been de-cluttering/organizing our house for some time now since we plan to put it on the market soon. upon this whole process, we have come across some very sentimental things that have been packed up years ago.

amongst these things, i found two liberty overalls that my dad made for abby and lyla many moons ago. he even stitched lace along the trim to make them "girly" because when we see a pair of overalls, we automatically think of "pawpaw." i wish i could pull up the picture of abby in hers sitting beside her pawpaw while he wore his, but i can't seem to find it. furthermore, my dad has that picture hanging in their kitchen so i thought i would take a few pics of lyla and jemma in theirs so that it could hang beside abby's. i'll be honest, seeing my little girls in those overalls made my heart smile. here are some pics...